The Best Investment for the Next 10 Years


Todd Harrison is the CEO of Minyanville, an Emmy-winning financial media and publishing company. Moreover, before launching Minyanville, Harrison had been a trader, fund manager and senior executive on Wall Street, with such firms as Morgan Stanley and others. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about investments. And even better, he seems to have come to the same conclusion as many of our experts at Cannabis Capital Group a wholly owned subsidiary of Banqlinq: Marijuana "is the single best investment theme for the next 10 years!


We are predicting many more states to join the legalization front as impressive numbers continue to roll in from Colorado, Washington and other states in terms of tax revenue and small business benefits. We couldn't agree more. It's simple... the best time to invest in cannabis is now!


As we look back at the numbers from February and move into March 2013, the forecast is looking great! The Marijuana Index™ experienced significant growth during the last month amidst a steady increase in interest surrounding the currently volatile and developing pot stocks. Hovering around $25 at the beginning of February, The Marijuana Index™ closed the month at $56.21 reflecting a gain of around 125 percent. This is huge and you could have prospered right along the sides of the well informed! According to MarketWatch, "The total index valuation soared beyond $6 billion, partly due to CannaVest (otcqb:CANV) achieving unprecedented valuations and following several listing additions to the index."


Considering the current legislation gains for both marijuana and hemp cultivation and combined with the surging tax revenues, we're looking at a sector of the business world that is exploding and everyone wants a piece of it. Potential early investors proceed with the understanding that although profits can be astronomic, waiting a year or two to see a return is very common. The next few years will produce a few household names and we want to lead that charge.


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